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Pistol Tactics 101

Due to the China Virus class sizes have been reduced. Please call for next available class.


The Pistol Tactics 101 is a 4 hour course that is fun and slow paced.  It is designed for beginners that feel they have enough range time to not need the Basic Shooting Battery, but still don’t feel comfortable enough for an advanced pistol class. This class will help you sharpen your skills and knowledge to become more proficient with your handgun. 

Topics Covered 


  • Firearm Safety

  • Build Solid Fundamentals

  • Combat Accuracy

  • Hand Placement

  • Trigger Press

  • Balance of Speed and Precision

  • Learn proper maintenance of Handgun

  • Gear selection and use


What you MUST bring


  • 150 rounds of factory ammo

  • Quality magazine fed pistol

  • Quality revolver

  • Good belt

  • 2-3 pistol magazines

  • 2-3 speed loaders for revolver (optional)

  • Hat, sun block

  • Knee/Elbow pads (optional)

  • Camelbak or Water bottle (stay hydrated)

  • Open mind and willingness to learn


Duration: 4 Hours


Course Tuition:

Pistol Tactics 101 - $100 Add To Cart 

Instructors: All instructors for this course are required to have NRA Certification. Course taught by Chad Haymon

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