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Immediate Response Trauma Care

Classes Starting 

In January - 2020

Immediate Response Trauma Care: 8 hours

Bleeding is the leading cause of preventable death from traumatic injuries. In these cases the difference between life and death is stopping the bleeding moments after an injury, quicker than 911 responders can arrive.  In remote location, during violent incidents or incidents with multiple patients the need for these life saving skills is even greater. 

Through a combination of didactic and hands-on training, this course will help you be prepared to provide life saving skills effectively and quickly. 

Disciplines Covered:

- Awareness and Mindset 

- Equipment: Why, what and how to carry medical supplies

- Scene assessment and safety

- Rapid assessment of trauma patients

- Bleeding control including hemostatic agents and tourniquet use

- Recognizing and management of chest trauma

- Patient positioning and movement

- Recognizing and management of shock

- Simple triage of multiple patients


Equipment and Supplies:

Students will be provided with all materials and supplies needed for the course and will also be provided with.

- Kit including SOF-TT Wide Tourniquet,  pressure bandage and occlusive dressing. *The contents of this kit will not be used in training.*

- Training SOF-TT Wide Tourniquet. *This will be used in training but it is the students to keep for future practice.

Instructors: Alan Romania - Fire Captain/Paramedic
                      Tom Cooley - Paramedic

Course Tuition:

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