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Basic Shooting Battery


Due to the China Virus class sizes have been reduced. Please call for next available class.


Basic Shooting Battery: 4 hours

The Basic Shooting Battery is designed to teach the ground level basics of pistol shooting. This is for the beginner student who wants to develop the five fundamentals of pistol shooting. 

The battery is approximately 4 hours long, and will cover the basics of firearms safety, five fundamentals of pistol shooting, firing a pistol from the two handed shooting position at a standard target, and ways to further pistol training. 

This course includes live fire exercises. Eye and ear protection are required. Ammunition can be purchased from Prize Gunner and firearms can be rented for a fee. Please contact us if you need to rent a firearm prior to the scheduled course

Instructors: All instructors for this course are required to have NRA Certification. Course taught by Chad Haymon

Equipment and Supplies Required:

Firearm/Pistol and 100 rounds of ammunition. Eye and Ear protection required on all ranges.


Course Tuition:$100  Add To Cart 


Course Schedule:

Date: Upon Request (703-298-1738)

Time: On Request

Location: San Tan Valley

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