Basic Conceal Carry

July 11, 2020  9am 

San Tan Valley

Basic Concealed Carry: 4 hours

Prize Gunner's Concealed Carry class is a 4-hour non-shooting course designed to meet the state requirements to apply for a Arizona Concealed Carry Permit.  We will teach you about the basic components of legal CCW, mental awareness, interactions with law enforcement and how to properly plan for before and after a self-defense conflict. When you leave the class you will have everything you need in an envelope, including finger prints, ready to send of to the state with a $60 money order or cashier's check (not provided). 


Instructors: All instructors for this course are required to have NRA Certification. Course taught by Chad Haymon

Equipment and Supplies Required:
Positive attitude and participation (no firearms)

Course Tuition:$50  Add To Cart 

$115* Add To Cart
*(everything submitted to DPS by the instructor, includes $60 money order for application fee)

Date: July 11, 20202
Time: 9am
Location: San Tan Valley